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First Position

We are looking for a dishwasher/porter. This person is in charge of cleaning dishes during dinner service. The shift starts at 4pm which is an hour before we open. It gives the dishwasher time to set up and get organized, and get a start on some of the prep dishes from earlier in the day. By 5pm customers start coming in and so do the dirty dishes. Our dinner rush normally ends around 9-10pm on the weekends, and you could expect to be finished with the shift by 10-11pm depending on the night. If you can imagine yourself rocking out to heavy metal, gangster rap, or even Celine Dion in our prep kitchen washing some dishes, this is the perfect job for you. Free dinner and a beverage of choice is included with every shift.

2nd Position

We are looking for a cook/chef to work our Oyster Bar- which is the "Garde Manger Station" in charge of plating all the salads, desserts and shucking all the oysters.

This position can be more entry level (first kitchen job even) and we are certainly open to training the right individual. However, with the flexibility of our menu, and our aspirations to serve the best food we can, we would love to enable a cook or chef with prior experience to really flourish in this position. They would then contribute to our tasting menus, specials, and menu creation. We will cater the menu to the skill and ambition of our staff.


3rd Position

We are looking for an "Oven Chef" who is the person in charge of cooking all our pizzas, and cooking most meats and vegetable sides in our wood stone oven. We use cast-iron pans to cook and baste steaks, scallops, fish, and roasted vegetables in our 700 degree oven. This position requires an understanding of meat temperatures, and most importantly the ability of keeping a station clean and organized before, during and after dinner service since this station is in view of all the customers. It also serves as support to the sauté cook, and has the potential to contribute to our tasting menus, specials, and menu creation.

4th Position

Lastly, we are looking for a Sauté Cook/Chef. This person would need cooking experience and be able to be a lead person in the kitchen. Cooking scratch pastas, sauces, seafood, fish, risotto, etc would all be required along with calling out orders to the other chefs and leading the dinner service. This person would be expected to maintain and enforce standards, communicate effectively with the head chef, and would provide significant contributions to to our tasting menus, specials, and menu creation.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Internship

Pay: $10.00 - $22.00 per hour